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  • The Calm After The Storm(s)

    Recent Snowfall Provides Great Conditions


    Photo Credit: Mohawk Mountain



    February 17, 2014




    The past couple of weeks brought New England some serious snow, and ski resorts couldn’t be happier. After a rather slow start to winter and this ski season, Mother Nature has done a complete 180. With all of Connecticut’s mountains thriving, locals won’t have to travel far to hit the slopes in high quality fashion.


    This recent surge of storms has been generous to other areas as well. All of New England and neighboring resorts in New York have shared the fortune of the past month’s weather. Massachusetts resorts have seen the most volume in snow as of late, with Wachusett leading the way. Over the past 72 hours, they have received 14″ of snow within the past 72 hours, bringing their total base depth to 72″.


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    Ski Sundown, CT

    Ski Sundown, Connecticut. Looking good! Photo courtesy Ski Sundown Facebook page